Sunday, January 31, 2010

Even a 4 year old can do it!

My post a few days back showed a cute pencil catepillar craft, and today my little Ali (4 years old) made some for her preschool friends for Valentine's day.  I did the punching and here she is making the faces.  She put the googly eyes on and drew the mouth and noses on each one.

Intense concentration drawing these faces!
Aren't they cute, no two alike!
Here's the finished product:

She was so pleased and so was I, these turned out so cute and they were so easy even a 4 year old could do it! 

So happy I completed a project today that I've been wanting to do.  I made this tri-shutter album for my daughter, think it will be her valentine's present.  She redid her room in black and white polka dots with hot pink as an accent color.  This is the album partially opened:

 She's going to put a picture on the two black acetate pieces in the middle, and then 3 pictures on the two outer panels and the center panel.  This is the right panel:

This is the left panel
This is the whole album opened up.
These are so fun and easy to do!  It's all the embellishing that takes time.
I was able to get some stamping done today so I'm a happy gal!  I've got one more post to do this evening, it's of Ali making her catepillar pencils for valentine's day.  First she needs a little attention though!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Good Morning!

Thought I'd just post a few projects I did at the end of the year last year, a little bit of this & that. This first card is one I made for my boss for boss's day last year.  She always puts up a trivia question on our board for us to play for the day.  So I thought this would be appropriate for her!

Here are a couple of frames I made for my in-laws at Christmas time:

They were so fast and easy to do I wanted to keep them myself, but I didn't. This next one is actually a gift card holder I made, I did about 20 individual ones to match the recipients hobby/interests.  They were made for a gal who came to one of our local bazaars and ordered them!  I'll post more at a later date, but here's a football one:

And then this is just a pretty one:

The gift card slides out from the top where the big button is.  Off to work now, have a great day!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lots of goodies!

Edit:  This is my second post for today, so scroll down to see my first post of the day.

Here are some gift packs I made my fellow co-workers as we celebrated National Surgical Technologist week.  I made each of them a personalized pack of biscotti, hot chocolate and coffee.  One likes butterflies:

One likes to ride bikes,

One loves flowers,

and one loves anything "cutesy",

Here is a side view so you can see the biscotti inside,

This pack has a front and back pocket to put goodies in.  Also did some of these and slid a DVD inside and put popcorn and candy in the pockets for movie night gifts. Another fun way is to put some fabric squares inside and some sewing notions in the pockets for quilters/sewing enthusiasts.  There are so many possibilities for this little pack, and they are quick and fun to put together.

Next up is a card I made for my daughter's friend that was having a baby. 

And then this little ensemble for my 19 year old who loves purses, shoes, all things girly,

One last card I made using up some scraps of paper:

This card uses the beautiful SU! cottage wall patterned paper, I just love those colors together. 
That's all for tonight, I know this was a long one.  Hope you enjoyed and got a little inspiration!


This has to be one of the fastest and easiest kids valentine's projects around.  I think these will go into our valentine bag of goodies for Ali's classmates, along with their bookmarks.  I made these two faces but I think I will let Ali draw her own nose and mouths when we make them for her friends.  These were just my practice ones, easy peasy!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

All aboard!

Here's my fun weekend project I did.  I made this little choo-choo train, inspiration from Gretchen Barron's blog.  She offers a kit or tutorial for purchase, but note I did not purchase the tutorial, I simply used my SU! dies Box #2, and I used a milk carton template.  If anyone would like detailed information as far as what supplies were used you can email me at and put Valentine train in the subject line.

  Now for close ups of each box:

I think I'll use this little train for a decoration for our house.  My next project will be a Valentine banner for our mantle, so stay tuned!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Valentine bookmarks

Wow, I almost didn't think I'd get some stamping in today. Little Ali wanted to go to McDonald's for lunch and go inside and play.  I thought "I can do this", figured I'd take a magazine and forgot that, and my dumb luck all the schools had an early release day so there were tons of kids at McDonalds!  After that little adventure we went to the library to check out some beginning reading books, perfect for my little stamping project - valentine bookmarks.  Figured I'd make some of these for the kids at her preschool to give along with a treat.  Here's a pic of what I did today:

Here's a sampling of what I made.  Some for kids and some for the teachers.

I left these so the kids could color their own in, maybe I'll include a couple of crayons instead of candy.

I thought the teachers could have these. 
They were super easy to do.  I cut 1" strips that were 8" long, adhered them to white cardstock that was 8"x11 1/2 " leaving a small space at the 5 1/2" mark to cut in half.  Then cut 2" bookmarks, making 8 lickity split.  Used a corner rounder for the top corners, and my crop-o-dile for a hole at the top to slip a ribbon through.  Really wanted to put a couple of buttons on but figured they wouldn't let a book close all the way.
Well that's it for today.  Plan for tomorrow is to make my Valentine banner for my mantle. 
Happy Stamping,

Sweet Treats

Good morning, if all goes well today and I get my stamping done I have a fun little Valentine project that I'll de be showing you later.  For right now I have a cute valentine treat made with SU!'s little heart treat cups.  It's not a card, more like a tag with a goodie and very easy.  Hidden inside is a piece of cardstock that can easily slide out either side to reveal the candy without having to take it apart.

Of course I had to hand pick the M&M's to match!  I think I'll be making some of these for my fellow co-workers for their Valentine treats. I just love the different color combo for Valentine's day.

That's all for the moment. Check back later for a little more eye candy.  Thanks for looking.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fairy Wishes

As promised I'm gonna show some pictures of the invitations I made for my daughter's 4 year birthday party.  She wanted a fairy birthday party so I found a cute stamp from Pink Cat Studio for her invites. 
This is the front of the card:

This is what you see when you open the front flap

Then this is the rest of the invitation when it's opened up.  I just loved the little poem announcing her party. 
These were so fun to make, I need to start thinking about this years party already.

Here they are all 19 of them!

I have a few pics of her birthday party too.  This was all outside and when they arrived the little girls got to put on fairy skirts and fairy wings and they had fairy wands that we had made, the boys were garden bugs and wore shirts we painted to look like grasshoppers and they made headbands with antenae.  The yard was magical with lots of balloons, giant toadstools we made out of cardboard and painted, huge tissue paper flowers, and lots of little fairy jewels, fairy dust, butterflies and such in the yard.  These were some of the
flowers we made:

The first thing they did was search the yard for things to make fairy gardens.  They loved looking all around searching for the little treasures.  When they had all their goodies gathered up we went and made fairy gardens and sprinkled them with fairy dust (it had glitter and alyssum seed so they would grow). While they were assembling their gardens someone else was in the yard hiding coins and tiny little fairies and garden bugs.  The phone rang and I told the kids that the tooth fairy just called and said she flew over our party and dropped her bag of coins.  If the kids found coins in the yard they could keep them.  They were so excited that they ran searching the flower beds for the coins and then found the fairies too!  They had so much fun. 

The birthday girl picking up a little fairy treasure

Little fairies all around . . . .

It was a magical day for the little fairies . . . .

Here's the birthday girl showing me what she found!

Look at the little fairies showing each other what they found.
I made a toadstool cake to go with the party theme.  That was very fun to make. 

We had a pinata and cake and presents to finish off the party.  It was such a lovely day, warm but not too hot, all the parents enjoyed just visiting while their kids played in the yard and enjoyed their treasures.  A very precious memory indeed for all of us.